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My Story

Mudge working in front of computer with tablet at Mudge Studios.

Hello, I'm Al Mudgett aka Mudge DBA Mudge Studios For Almost Thirty Years and This is My Story...

While in college, I worked at Salem Screen operating a printing press, which eventually opened the door to their art dept. My big break came when Salem Screen  became Salem Sportswear and was officially licensed to produce "Big Head" sports caricatures on tees. To keep up with the exploding demand, Salem needed more artists. They kept me so busy during the mid 1980's through the early 90's that  I transitioned into a self-employed, work from home contractor for them.  I've been freelancing ever since.

Over the decades I've enjoyed workin' with: Salem SportsWear, Reebok, Jordan Brands, Destroyer Promotions, Wincraft, International Pin Co. as well as publications such as: Topps Magazine, Beckett Monthly,  Sports Card Trader, Trading Cards Magazine, The Lowell Sun, First Amendment Publishing, Music connection, and CD Review. Some of the products and publications that feature Mudge Studios art have even become collector's items over time.

In 2003, I searched for new ways to generate a revenue stream while not on assignment. I found opportunity in a growing online Print on Demand outfit that allowed me to set up a virtual t-shirt and novelty shop. The effort paid off, until the company stripped their volume bonus program and dramatically reduced their commissions. Fortunately, I was recruited by their biggest competitor and with incentive. I quickly started up again with them- although it was only a few short years before they followed suit. The market became over saturated, my shops were drowning in a swollen sea of millions of other shop keepers who were all struggling to compete for dwindling piece of the marketplace.

The time had come to build my own brand. In hindsight, I can see now that the seeds were actually planted well over a dozen years ago. I scraped together all of my ecommerce experiences from the last dozen years to bring you my latest labor of love, my brand…

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Rediscover the "old school" art and design of Mudge Studios and order some MudgeWare today!